As Elginay; for best meeting the needs and expectations of our customers and for

maintaining continuity;

  • To maintain understanding, applying and continuing of Quality Management Systems at all stages of organization,
  • Continuously improving the Quality Management System by preventing the failures before they occur and taking necessary precautions for not repetition of them,
  • Close following the developing technology and continuous training of employees related to this..
  • Continuously controlling supplier companies for complete and accurate services and working with proper suppliers. ,

were determined as our quality policy.

Quality Management system;

Quality Management System is formed, documented and applied in Elginay.

Necessary Procedures were created for maintaining continuity and continuously improving of Quality Management Systems. Within this scope all necessary processes which effect our quality were specified and procedures, instructions and quality plans were defined for application. Work instructions were prepared for functioning the processes.

All information and sources which are necessary for operating and monitoring those processes are kept available.

All processes which effect quality management system are analyzed and measured. After these analysis, Curative activities are applied for processes which are open to improvement.
Purchasing Processes, Approved Supplier List for suppliers, were created according to Supplier Selection and Assessment Procedure Control for contract works are performed according to principles of inspection and control procedure.

Measurement and Control;

Part flow in Elginay is performed after approval of quality control after measurements which were made in all stages from submission stage to process and final.
Measurement points and other properties are performed according to control plan which are defined for control points.